Vacation Watch

Family Vacation

Go off on vacation with a piece of mind! You can sign up for Champion Forest Vacation Angels  who will help  keep an eye on your home while you are out of town.

This list of neighbors will pick up packages that are not stopped with regular mail such as UPS or Fed Ex and also water your plants if needed.    It would be your responsibility to contact them and set up dates. You will only be provided with a list of people who would be open to doing this for people.

This is a free service so please request the list 30 days before you travel.  I will try to get back to you with the list within 14 days.

Remember, this is an act of kindness and no payment is expected.  Instead, do something nice like give them a hug or bake them a cookie.  Sometimes, it’s just nice to do something for the sake of being a good person. 

Also, remember to sign up for the Harris County Police Vacation watch