Champion Forest Angels

Champion Forest Angels: Practicing Random Acts of Kindness & Senseless acts of beauty

Champion Forest Angels
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champion forest Care
Champion Forest Angels

Champion Forest Angels is an informal group of  neighborhood volunteers who come together to help  other neighbors and better the Champion Forest neighborhood and surrounding areas.  The purpose of Champion Forest Angels is to create a sense of community and help to make a positive change to the community by helping those in need.

Champion Forest Angels are committed to a single goal; we strive to make the world a better place. We are a volunteer group dedicated to our community and doing good deeds.  There is no cost for membership and all hugs are free.

We participate in a wide variety of projects all over the Champion Forest / Spring area through various organizations.  When a group activity or “good deed” is decided upon you will be contacted via email with further information.

What is a “Good Deed”

Whether it’s organizing donation drives to help our fellow citizens or getting our hands dirty cleaning up public spaces, we’re committed to doing our part for this community we love so much. We want our gratitude to be more than pretty words — which we have a lot of, don’t get us wrong. Our goals  include improving lives and making a positive impact upon the world.


Diaper drive for a homeless shelter

Trash pick up in the park

Julia is having surgery – needs someone to be with her at the hospital and check on her / meals for two weeks.  Meal/help sign up sheet

Sam was diagnosed with a hernia and can’t do yard work – we come together on a Saturday for a few hours and take care of his yard.

Collect formula and clothing for orpahanges

How do I get help from Champion Forest Angels?

If you live in the Champion Forest are and need help fill out the form below.   No money requests unless it’s to specifically buy something for someone – such as a new wheelchair for someone who needs it.  In that case, the group will try to find a way to fund raise and will purchase the item and present it to person who needs it.  All requests will be checked and verified.  Remember, greed is just bad karma so your power for good nad let the help go to where it’s really needed.

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Champion Forest Angels

Yes, I would like to become a Champion Forest Angel and help others while making friends.

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